Saturday, July 26, 2014

Handling Business

Seriously though, I don't think I've left my house in like a month. We went to beautiful yellowstone in the midst of the power editing i've been doing. By no means am I complaining. I love being busy and we most definitely are. We have two big weddings coming up this week followed by 2 big family sessions so I will probably see ya'll next year! LOL.  I don't mind being home. The kids are comfortable and can play in a familiar setting while I sit on the computer in my jammies and handle business.  We just added a second camera, lens, flash and pelican case to our business. These big sessions are too much for one person to handle. Mike and I can get it done now in half the time with 2 cameras.

I can see why adults with kids don't really have a lot of friends. My parents don't really have a a lot of friends and I can see why; especially if you have more than one kid. Toting around one kid isn't so bad but two?  It's a lot of work.  I feel like I haven't seen many people outside of my own house in awhile. I've been keeping activities close to home because it's convenient for me and I don't have to pack like we're going to Zimbabwe. Let's face it...Mike works his ass off so if i'm doing anything during the day I'm doing it alone with 2 very full hands. I just hope my friends understand. I'm not trying to blow you off, I just literally have no time for shit. I barely have time to shave my legs.  I don't know what I'm gonna do when it's time to go back to school.  Full time this fall! Yikes! We usually limit our bookings in the winter because of school and also because a lot of people don't like to be outside in the cold. I'm not a fan of indoor shooting or artificial light so it works out.

I've got another month before school starts and I'm trying to work out a schedule with myself to manage my time better. I need to set aside time for school, homework, photography, dinner, kid stuff etc... I'm may stay home, but essentially i'm working full time. It's nice to be my own boss though.  It's what i've always wanted and my degree is just going to harness more skills to grow the business. I'm already doing some design stuff for clients and I really enjoy it.

Busy Little Bee....

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